Vossloh HSG-city

Vossloh HSG-city

Flexible. Quick. Intelligent. The Vossloh HSG-city is currently the fastest grinding machine on the market for light and short tracks.

The rails of public transportation and short-haul routes also sustain damage in the form of wear, corrugations, slip waves and head checks caused by traffic loads, heavy acceleration and heavy braking. Our solution for light rail systems: smart, prognostic maintenance with the HSG-city.

If rails are not machined, the corrugations that form will increase noise emissions for residents in the area. Furthermore, the strain on the rail material from the rolling stock will also make it necessary to perform premature and expensive rail replacements.

High Speed Grinding (HSG) removes minor and median rail damage, reliably prevents new defects from forming and effectively reduces noise emissions produced by rail traffic by up to 10 decibels. HSG-city is currently the fastest light rail and short-haul grinding machine on the market. With its variable operating speeds currently between 8 and 60 km/h, it can be scheduled to fit in with any timetable and without any track closures or preparation work whatsoever.

Its compact shape allows it to fit inside any structure gauge. It can operate traveling either forwards or backwards, which allows it to be either pulled or pushed by many different types of traction vehicle, e.g. road-rail vehicle. What’s more, it can be very easily controlled from the traction vehicle via remote control.

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