Forty Industries is a reliable rail technology partner operating internationally, harnessing local domain knowledge.

Over the past years, Forty Industries has been providing a full range of rail consultancy services, from systems planning, design engineering, project management and training to maintenance services to rail projects all around the globe.

Our know-how and expertise, backed by years of operations, collaboration and association with premium rail stakeholders worldwide, proprietary engineering tools and multidisciplinary experts, allows us to offer a complete range of services throughout the entire rail lifecycle. Forty Industries operates in several European, Latin American and Central Asian countries and represents some of the major manufacturers and suppliers in the railway industry.

We work hard to reduce the cost of both investments and operations, whilst still providing a reliable, safe and efficient service. Our goal and our companies represented is to make rail transport for passengers and cargo a more attractive and competitive option.


Our overall services are offered for each of the subsystems including



  • Assessment of infrastructure (understructure, superstructure, civil works, energy, interface rolling stock/track components and interface rolling stock/catenary)
  • Certification of track components and measurement cars
  • Assessment of fire protection systems
  • Supply of railway materials for new railway projects and for maintenance projects
  • Monitoring systems with integration in clients operating system for predictive maintenance strategies

Electrical and mechanical systems

  • Preliminary design and execution design, evaluation and preparation of inventory documents
  • Consulting services
  • Interface management
  • Testing services
  • Verification and validation of generic products and applications
  • Assessment of evidence of safety, function and security
  • Product and system certification

Rolling stock

  • Preparation of tender documents and technical specifications
  • Technical documentation
  • Optimization of maintenance procedures
  • Testing services
  • Certification of maintenance procedures and workshops

Generic safety systems

  • Support for the implementation of functional safety requirements
  • System and software analyses
  • Environmental simulation and electromagnetic compatibility test
  • Certification of electronic systems according to functional safety standards
  • Machinery directive
  • Certification of applications and company functional safety management
  • Dispute resolution

A vast array of competitive solutions that provide