Beaz Solutions

Beaz Solutions think along with the customer about a suitable shunting machines for their applications and not a standard machine from the folder.Shunting solutions for all circumstances. Zero emission shunting solutions that are reliable, safe and meet the customer’s logistical requirements, so diesel locomotives can be replaced.

Service and maintenance via BEAZ Solutions
Are you looking for (permanent) service and maintenance for your shunter? BEAZ Solutions provides supply to all different brands of shunters, both diesel and electric.

Beaz Solutions can maintain and install equipment their own shunting machines but all other brands as well, but are you looking for a new shunter? Beaz Solutions´ different options:

BWS BEAZ Bi-directional Shunting Winch
BRC BEAZ Rail Compact Shunters
BRE BEAZ Rail Electric Shunters
BRR BEAZ Rail Road Shunters

Battery driven, do you wait till it is a requirement or do you already prepare yourself?

You work at a company where the shunting of trains and wagons is the basis of the maintenance or logistics process. The processes in the company run well, but the world is changing. Growth and new regulations are changing the demands on the processes. Environmentally friendly, safety and efficiency are becoming increasingly important requirements both inside the company, and outside. You know that your current shunting equipment is no longer adequate. Both your colleagues and your customers wish and demand better shunting solutions. This allows you to work in a more environmentally friendly and safer way. At the moment all machines are working. But if something goes wrong, the processes fail with all their consequences for safety, environment and planning. You want to create a healthy and safe workplace for your team. At the same time, you long for a smooth-running, environmentally friendly and reliable process. So that no money is lost. Prevent accidents and prepare yourself for the future in the field of battery-driven shunting devices.