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Move It


R&D by Gillet Group from France, a patented handheld device which allows a single operator to safely move rolling stocks on railway tracks with a battery powered device. The Move-It™ offers any operators the ability to push convoys weighing up to 150 Tons without the help of locomotives or heavy devices which requires a specific authorization or a permit.



  • Safety
  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic
  • Sustainability
  • Economic



  • ON/OFF bi-manual control
  • Automatic overload switch
  • Emergency push button
  • Stopping the convoy with precision, ensured by an on-board braking support device



  • Traction capacity up to 150 T on straight tracks without inclines
  • Workshop and outdoor use
  • Ideal for mobile and maintenance teams or servicing.



  • Precise speed and stop control
  • Positioning of the device for an ergonomic grip
  • Handlebar height adjustable without any tools.



  • Single operator can move convoys.
  • An economical alternative to locomotives or heavy devices to move cars over short distances or precisely position them.
  • The average consumption of a locomotive is around 35-45 liters per hours, setting an average cost for a run around 1500 € , your Move-It™ will give you the opportunity to significantly reduce these daily costs.
  • Low and controlled maintenance cost.
  • Reduces annual operating loss.
  • Adapted financing to your budget.