Vossloh provides innovative, intelligent and coordinated solutions to preserve the rail infrastructure and keep it cost-effective over the long term – for every kind of route network. And all the technology it uses sets new standards in terms of operating speed and the quality of the results. Vossloh is a leading global provider in the rail infrastructure industry, offering its customers integrated solutions from one source: rail fastening systems, concrete sleepers, switch systems as well as services related to the value maintenance of the rails.

Decades of expertise make Vossloh a leading supplier for the construction and maintenance of the rail infrastructure. Vossloh is one of the market leaders in track fasteners and switch systems as well as North America’s leading manufacturer of concrete ties. When it comes to preventive rail maintenance, Vossloh has a high-speed grinding technology that’s unique the world over.

Grinding, milling and switch maintenance

The type and depth of a defect are critical for determining the type of rail machining to use. Vossloh experts use the characteristics unique to your route to develop a customized maintenance solution based on High Speed Grinding (HSG) using the HSG-2 or the HSG-city , rail milling using conventional milling trains, road-rail vehicles, High Performance Milling (HPM) or Hotspot machining with Multi Purpose Milling (MPM) but also conventional rail grinding and switch maintenance with their integrated Flexis System or rail-milling machines. While preventive grinding with HSG keeps well-maintained rails in good condition and removes minor defects early, rail milling reaches down to deeper flaws and removes them. The Flexis System can be used to easily and efficiently maintain the point blades and frogs of turnouts.

An intelligent strategy for every section of track

The ideal maintenance procedure starts with an analysis of the condition of the rails, which is then used to determine the right combination of milling and grinding. With its high removal rate, milling removes all rail defects – even severe ones – and returns the rail to a condition that is virtually new. Grinding, on the other hand, is suitable for removing minor to mid-range rail defects and for preventive machining. The rails are ground at regular intervals using HSG to remove signs of wear and fatigue from the rail before defects can form. The grinding intervals are determined by the loads that your rail network is subjected to; in other words, by the speed at which new defects form and develop.

As experts of the turnout, Vossloh offers dedicated services and training

Expertise, maintenance, repair, training, spare parts: as an international leader in designing and manufacturing switch systems and as rail maintenance machinery constructor, Vossloh can offer extensive experience in the management and maintenance of railway networks throughout their wide range of services all along the rail infrastructure product lifecycle.

Its customers are generally public and private railway companies, network operators as well as regional and municipal transport companies. They expect safe, economical, environmentally friendly and above all tried and tested products and services from one source, and are oriented towards the tried and tested: references, which Vossloh can prove for all applications worldwide – from heavy load to urban networks to high-speed lines.